Obituary: Pat Burns, RIP

In 1,019 games as an NHL coach, his teams won 501 games, lost 353, tied 151 and lost 14 in overtime. In 149 playoff games, they won 78 and lost 71.

In case you missed it earlier, this piece commemorates Pat Burns, a great Canadian.


Banking: TSX expected to be bouyed by good results from Canadian Banks

The big news on the Toronto stock market in the days ahead will be a slew of fourth-quarter earnings reports from Canada’s biggest banks, which are expected to paint a healthier picture of Canada’s financial institutions.

Royal Bank of Canada (TSX:RBC), Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) TD Canada Trust (TSX:TD), CIBC (TSX:CM) and Scotiabank (TSX:BNS) and National Bank of Canada (TSX:NA) are scheduled to report their fourth quarter earnings over the next two weeks.


Read about it here.

Obituary: Leslie Neilsen, RIP


The great Leslie Neilsen has passed.  No comedy here – just deep respect for a great Canadian.  The photo is from the Canadian classic, Men with Brooms.  

National Post

National Post – better.

“I had never seen comedy like that before and, since Saskatchewan wasn’t exactly a comedy hotbed, discovering that he was Canadian made me think that maybe I could do it as well,” says Butt, who performed with Nielsen in 2005 at the Saskatchewan Centennial Celebration in front of Queen Elizabeth and 13,000 fans. “He was a pro through and through and as funny as he was, what I think I’ll really miss most about him was just that he was a super nice guy.”

The Los Angeles Times

The Canada native, who seemed perfectly cast as a handsome leading man when he came to Hollywood in the 1950s, had career-changing roles in the ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Naked Gun’ comedies.







CanCham Book Review of The Canadian Century -Update

In CanCham’s latest magazine, China & Canada Exchange, we reviewed The Canadian Century:Moving out of America’s Shadow by Brian Lee Crowley.  The book has been listed on The Hill Times Best Books of 2010 under the category  of Public Policy.  Read the full list here.

Evergreen Capital Management’s David Hay seems to be a fan as well and wrote about it here.

Of course, members should have their issue of C&C Exchange.  Others can come by The Chamber for a copy.