BDO Chairman to Serve on HKSAR Corruption Prevention Advisory Committee

BDO Hong Kong Chairman & Chief Executive Albert Au has been appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to serve as the Chairman of the Corruption Prevention Advisory Committee and as a member of the Advisory Committee on Corruption for a term of two years from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2013.

In addition, after serving Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) council for
five years, BDO Hong Kong managing partner Clement Chan was recently elected as a Vice President of HKICPA. Clement was also elected as a Vice Chair of the Asian-Oceanian Standard-Setters Group (, which is a grouping of the accounting standard-setters in the Asian-Oceanian region.


Hot Business Trends For NA in 2012

University of Victoria Gustavon School of Business professors have identified 10 trends to watch out for in 2012.

Have a look here.


Our new Centre for Sustainable and Social Innovation has identified a few hot topics and trends for 2012:

Waste-not: reducing waste in the manufacturing processes, minimizing packaging, seeking out of alternative transportation methods to get products to market, and using smart technology to minimize energy used in the manufacturing process is on the to-do list for manufacturing companies. (CSSI: Heather Ranson)

Food safe: a growing concern about ensuring access to food (food security) and pushing back on the growing dependence on — and thus vulnerability to — a deeply interconnected global supply system of everything, including basic food items. (CSSI: Dr. Monika Winn)

Meat-less: changing diets from expensive meat meals to less expensive grain and vegetable options. More people are also choosing to grow their own vegetables, keep chickens for eggs, and shop for less expensive products produced closer to home. (CSSI: Heather Ranson)

Our Service Management and International Business Champions have added a few more:

Tweet-a-gripe: increasing use of social media, Twitter in particular, as the media of choice to voice complaints regarding service failures. (Service Management: Dr. Steve Tax)

Money woes: continuing global uncertainty and pressure on the EU and a budgetary stalemate in the US (International Business: Dr. Saul Klein)

Trade change: greater dependence on China, India and Brazil for Canadian exports (International Business: Dr. Saul Klein)


Other news from the school, including a $5 million grant.

We have had another terrific year at the Gustavson School of Business. We were honoured in October with an amazing gift of $5 million from Mr. Sardul S. Gill. As a result, we have named our graduate school after Mr. Gill to recognize his generosity. His gift creates a permanent endowment to benefit our graduate students.

In 2011, we saw continued growth in all program areas, particularly on the international front. We now have agreements in place with 74 international partner universities giving our students more opportunities to study in non-English speaking environments and to gain valuable understanding about other cultures. More than 80 per cent of our students participate in an international learning opportunity.

This year we also introduced a new stream to our popular one-year Master of Global Business degree. The 16 Gustavson students participating in the program secured international internships, half of which have already led to career positions for these graduates, contributing to the total of 61 international co-op work terms students undertook in the past year.

Research at Gustavson is also thriving. Peer-reviewed journal articles published by our faculty members increased by 28.5 per cent for the period May 2010 to April 2011 compared to the same period last year. To continue this momentum, our Research Office is celebrating research at all stages of development, from idea to impact, at an inaugural Pipeline Palooza event being held in early January; you can follow all their activities by joining their new Linked-in group.

Another achievement I’m proud to share is the establishment of our Centre for Sustainable and Social Innovation (CSSI) and its new website. The goal of the CSSI is to help faculty, staff and students integrate sustainability and social responsibility into all of our operations and educational offerings, from undergraduate to PhD, from classrooms to work terms and international exchanges.

Promotion: The Finest Canadian Wines are finally here in Hong Kong!

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Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Warmest Christmas Greetings to all from PURE Orchestral Centre and Hong Kong Flute Centre.

First thing first, as Christmas season is fast approaching in a week time, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and enjoyable restful holidays before the New Year of 2012 arrives.  

Secondly,  it is with my greatest pleasure  to introduce you three professional musicians/educators from the United Kingdom who have very recently joined our prestigious team of faculty of PURE.  These three native-English musician educators are trumpeter Mr. Casper Billingoton, cellist Miss. Nina Emma Plapp and violinist  Miss. Aniela Emma Chaudhuri.

Mr. Billington, Miss. Plapp and Miss. Chaudhuri are without doubt representing some of the finest professionals in their respective performance and teaching fields.  They are all graduated from prestigious conservatories from England, namely the Royal Northern College of Music, The Royal College of Music and Trinity College of Music.  Moreover,  they have performed extensively with different orchestras all over the world and have carried with them a wealth of teaching experiences, methodology and tools in delivering extremely high quality musical training in their respective professional instrumental skills to their students.  It is with my greatest honor to know that these three wonderful musicians/teachers have chosen the community of PURE Orchestral Centre to continue to offer their expertise teaching in Hong Kong, and I would like all of you to be with me, in giving them all a round of applause ( a big and loud one) in welcoming them to the community of PURE Orchestral Centre. 

 As director, I would like to add that the appearance of these musicians in joining our existing prestigious faculty members represents our continuous missions and visions in delivering the highest quality of instrumental and musical education to each of our students.  This is our commitment and it will be forever lasting and be further enhanced with these valuable musicians.    Our concept of approaching our students; to be able to “work with” them instead of ” to teach” reflects our caring and cooperative approach to a productive and functional learning deliverables. 

RECRUTIMENTS OF NEW STUDENTS FOR THESE MUSICIANS HAVE BEGUN.  The instruments are TRUMPET, CELLO and VIOLIN.  Spaces are limited and are running out rather quickly.   If you are interested or prefer to have a few lessons with any of them before any decisions or commitment is being made,  you are, as always welcome to arrange a few trial lessons with anyone of them.  All trial lessons will be of one hour in length and will be charged at their respective rate.  

To arrange a lesson and tuition fee enquiry, please contact Miss. Yoyo Yung at 3520 2628 to ask for details. 

10% discount on tuition fee for all the children of Cancham members!

 Just a reminder, according to our referral policy, you will be entitled to an additional free lesson if you have successfully referred someone to PURE or the HKFC.

Below please find a personal description of each of these musicians so that you can get to know them in further depth. 

If you have any query, please do not hestitate to contact me at 3520 2628 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Sincerely Yours,

Ringo Chan

Pure Orchestral Centre

Hong Kong Flute Centre


University of Victoria Training Tool Helps Autistic People Become Face Aces

Sitting in front of a computer, 17-year-old Patrick Dwyer was engrossed in a game. One hand deftly manipulated the mouse, but the muscles in his face were getting a workout – twisting and stretching to register fear, delight, anger.

Making faces is the object of the game: To navigate FaceMaze, Mr. Dwyer had to mimic the expressions of his avatar’s opponents on the screen. A small video camera captured his image, feeding a powerful software program that can read faces.

FaceMaze is actually a training tool in disguise, designed to help people with autism navigate social interactions in the real world.

“We want to close the gap between the small screen and the big world,” said University of Victoria psychologist Jim Tanaka.

The backbone of the simple game is face-recognition software, developed by the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Centre in San Diego.

The program is designed to recognize the messages that are communicated by the complex network of muscles that make up the human face, and it is sophisticated enough to tell the difference between a genuine smile and a phony one.

To read the full story click here.

BDO Announces Positive Year End Results

BDO is pleased to announce that the total combined fee income for the year ended 30 September 2011 for all BDO Member Firms, amounted to US$ 5.672 billion. This represents an increase of 7.36% when measured in US dollars. In BDO’s Asia Pacific region revenues continue to grow with an increase of 21%.

Albert Au, Chairman and Chief Executive of BDO Limited in Hong Kong said, “These positive results across the board are testament to our commitment to operate as a seamless, integrated network, in which our firms are experts in the country they operate, while our shared global methodologies and rigorous quality assurance ensure that our clients experience the same service excellence worldwide. Our worldwide reputation delivered by exceptional people is rooted in the strong relationships we build with our clients. We fully expect a continued strengthening in both our network performance and presence in the year to come.”

Markets: Hong Kong Rated World’s Top Financial Centre; Canada 6th

Hong Kong topped the World Economic Forum’s 2011 index of financial market development, supplanting the U.S. and U.K. from the highest rankings for the first time.

The U.S. and U.K. each dropped one place from last year to rank second and third respectively in the forum’s fourth annual Financial Development Report published yesterday. Hong Kong jumped from fourth, making it the first Asian financial center to lead the 60-country index, helped by non-banking services such as initial public offerings and insurance, it said.


“We are working very hard to maintain Hong Kong’s competitive advantages and increase Hong Kong’s capital markets,” K. C. Chan, the city’s secretary for financial services and the Treasury, said today. “In the future years, developing Hong Kong’s renminbi business will give our financial center an additional boost.”

In this year’s World Economic Forum ranking, Singapore slipped one place to fourth. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland and Norway rounded out the top 10.

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