Vote for CanCham Member in Top Ten Music Headlights 2013!

PURE ORCHESTRAL CENTRE, a renowned Hong Kong based music school adopting Canadian methodology and approach to training outstanding orchestral young musicians, is thrilled to announce that its student, Chan Hiu-yin, Ryan, a 13-year old boy who study at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, has won the first prize in the 1st this past July in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The achievement has captured the attention of the Radio Television of Hong Kong Radio 4 and is being nominated for the TOP TEN MUSIC HEADLIGHTS 2013.

According to the RTHK 4 website: “ Presented by RTHK Radio 4, the TOP TEN MUSIC HEADLINES is now in its 27th year. Each year, the organizer invites listeners around the world and professional critics to tell us their choice of top headlines. The news items are nominated by professionals in the music scene, and are based on their influence on cultural and academic development in Hong Kong. News worthiness is a secondary consideration. Please select 10 news headlines from 21 nominations. Selection is made on the basis of cultural value and impact on academic development”

We would like to encourage and invite each member of the CanCham to spare a few seconds of their precious time to vote for Ryan’s new item. All it takes is to go to the following RTHK 4 website and click on the item, that’s it !! Your vote is important to Ryan and Canada as it represents probably the first Canadian-based achievement in the Hong Kong’s classical music scene, and it will also instill a strong motivation to Ryan to achieve his next goal.

Ryan is featured under “Young 13-year-old flautist Ryan Chan comes first in the First Canadian Flute Convention.”

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