2014 Deloitte China Sustainability Awards

We are proud to announce the launch of the Deloitte China Sustainability Awards, an initiative supported by The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the aim to encourage and reward best-practice corporate sustainability among multinationals in China. With sustainability’s growing importance in China, this is a dynamic and exciting time for the development of local sustainable corporate practices and we are proud to contribute our grain of sand to rewarding companies who are not only bringing experience and expertise they have gained in developed markets but are also ready to find innovative solutions to tackle their China specific challenges.

The awards recognize companies’ achievements in adopting sustainable business practices under five standard categories, namely leadership, innovation, environment, social performance and community investment. In addition, there will be one theme categoryfocusing on an area of sustainability of particular relevance each year and this year’s award under the theme of “Water Stewardship” will be presented to the company that best demonstrates a leadership approach to water management.

The high profile awards presentation ceremony will offer all participating companies excellent experience-sharing and networking opportunities not only among multinationals, but also with key government bodies, foreign diplomatic missions, foreign chambers of commerce and industry associations in China.

Click here for information on how to nominate!


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