Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action – Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme

Reduce Vehicular Emissions and Save Fuel for Company Vehicles by participating in Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action- Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2012 (register before August 31st)

The Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action – Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2012 is a programme to help companies to reduce vehicular emissions and save fuel for their company vehicles.  Hong Kong’s roadside air quality is really poor but every company and individual can take actions to improve it for a better living environment.  

Below is a summary of the Scheme:

Participants in last year’s scheme had amazing success. Together they achieved an average of:
• 5.7% improvement in fuel efficiency and
• 10.7% reduction in fuel consumption

In terms of accumulated savings since the schemes inception in 2010, the participating organisations have:
• reduced their consumption of fuel by 67,700 litres per month,
• saved approximately HK$1,000,000 per month and
• achieved a monthly reduction of approximately 180 tonnes of CO2.

Imagine saving 31% of your monthly fuel expenses, that is what the top organisation achieved last year!

An invitation document containing further details of the scheme and outlining the success that last year’s participants enjoyed is available to download from http://www.foe.org.hk/takeabrake/Invitation_to_participate_in_Take_a_Brake_2012_-_Corporate_Scheme.pdf .

We also have on our website (www.foe.org.hk/takeabrake) a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Registration for the scheme commenced at the start of July and closes on 31 August.

We look forward to hearing your favourable reply and if you require any further information then please contact Merrin Pearse (merrin@foe.org.hk or 3184 1505)


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