LKF Beerfest 2012!

Get prepared to heat up in the coolest summer party in LKF? Let’s say hurray to the 9th Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Fest (Beerfest), organized by Lan Kwai Fong Association!

On 14 & 15 July 2012, over 50 colorful marquees will dress up the streets and no vehicles are allowed to join our fancy party. Every street and corner of Lan Kwai Fong will be full of festive pleasures with the party momentum. Over 70 participating restaurants will exclusively prepare savory foods and selections of the finest beers from all over the globe. Fabulous performances and interactive games & competitions will keep you entertained.

Besides just beers, Beerfest gives a universal appeal and a capacious list of attractions. For delicacies fan, with just at least $20, you can have a taste of all kinds of international food, including, Vietnamese-styled skewers, Yakitori, Dim Sum, German sausages, French desserts, Mexican tacos etc. For party-lovers, three performance stages are ready to offer over 80 sessions of performances. Cool beer and thrilling music is always a perfect match. Here in the Beerfest, you will be flooded by local and global live band performances, including rock, guitar and R&B music. The performances will be another highlight of the Beerfest to impress all the visitors. Belly dance, pole dance and modern martial arts performances are going to keep every visitor running high.

As contestants or as spectators, you will be able to find your own favorite indulgence among the varieties of challenging games and activities the Beerfest has to offer. “Beer Drinking Competition”, “Eating Competition”, “Limbo Rock”, “Arm Wrestling Combat” or exciting booth games and many more, will surely match your big appetite for drinks, food and fabulous prizes. Craving for spotlight catches? Don’t miss out the chances to shine on stage.


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