Galleon International Limited

Galleon International Limited is an acclaimed gourmet supplier in Hong Kong. We are proficient
in supplying premium frozen & chilled beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, & processed foods from
around the world, and providing quality service to Hong Kong, Macau and China market. Aiming
at delivering the best to gourmet lovers, Galleon International directly imports and carries a list of
exclusive brands ranging from Iberico pork, organic poultry to Japanese Wagyu, and many more.

Galleon International was established in 2008 by a group of industry gurus who have been devoted to frozen food trading for over 30 years. With a wealth of product knowledge, experience, connection and long-term vision, we are in promising growth while gaining solid reputation from
both customers and suppliers. We also have strong links with various industry bodies, such as Canada Beef International Institute, USMEF, USAPEEC, which do strengthen our sales & marketing support to customers.

With discerning consideration, Galleon International has explored retail business in fine foods as well. Successful role model “DeliFans” (www.delifans.com.hk) has fueled confidence for further development. Membership system attracting thousands of gourmet lovers (mostly from high-income sector) enhances enjoyment of worldwide delicacies through various promotion

To strive for excellence, delightedly Galleon International has joined forces with another dragon, Smartwill Group, a well-founded conglomerate in edible oil, agricultural products and beverage industry in the territory. Synergy is therefore achieved to help the companies to stretch wings at
elevated level.

Our Edges

  • Wealth of product knowledge
  • Rich experience in the industry
  • Intimate connection with worldwide quality food suppliers
  • Stable supply of top quality products
  • New products available at first hand
  • Long-term vision. Open to new products development
  • In close collaboration with various industry bodies e.g. USMEF, CBEF, ASMI, USAPEEC, MLA etc.
  • Stronger support in sales & marketing

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