Individual and Corporate Risks & Precautions for Foreign Invested Enterprises in China

Individual and Corporate Risks & Precautions for Foreign Invested Enterprises in China
April 2012 – Volume 3, Issue 4

Written by Klaus Koehler
Founder and Chairman of Klako Group


Many small to medium-sized companies come to China with the idea that establishing their entity will be an easy and quick process. However, after going through the establishment process, hiring local employees, whether it is managerial staff or lower levels and during the startup period, foreign investors are finding that in China “everything takes much longer than expected and nothing ever turns out the way one imagines.”

Problems in Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) can vary from outright criminal activity to serious non-compliance issues. Many of these problems are foreseeable but due to a lack of poor management and lack of control from the foreign investors, these issues are frequent and can cause not only monetary punishments but also jail time.

As a result it is important for Foreign Investors to appoint responsible individuals who will pay attention to the investment in China. It is also important for both the investor and the individual to understand the liabilities involved when being appointed for such positions.

When establishing an entity in China, investors must appoint personnel in senior management positions and more importantly they must appoint a Legal Representative – an individual with broad powers and potentially unlimited liability – to operate and manage the entity. It is important to pay careful attention to the selection of people in these positions and to make sure precautionary measures are taken from the beginning of the operation to protect the company.
It is then also important for the people in these positions to understand their legal liability within the company and to place internal control systems for smooth operational purposes.

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