Chamber Member Superstar Makes Canada’s Top 30!

“Canada’s 30 most fabulous entrepreneurs”

Lysanne Tusar
Founding Director & CMO | The 8th Estate Winery Ltd.

“Like many groundbreaking businesses, Lysanne Tusar’s started over a glass of wine.

It was 2006. Tusar was 26, living in Vancouver and working as a beverage marketing professional when a dinner conversation turned to flash-freezing grapes. The process prevents the decomposition and fermentation of just harvested grapes, allowing them to be shipped and turned into wine anywhere in the world. That got Tusar thinking—and put her on a course worthy of the most swashbuckling entrepreneur.

A year later, Tusar sold her house and car, moved to Hong Kong and established the special administrative region of China’s first winery. Since then, 8th Estate Winery has produced four vintages, using grapes from as far away as Washington state, Australia and Italy.”

Read the whole story on this amazing woman. entrepreneur, Member…here.


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