Insurance: Manulife Introduces Two New MPF Funds, Cuts Fees ahead of industry

UPDATE:  The Standard picked up on this piece as Manulife leading the pack in cutting fees.  Read it here.

Manulife set to slash MPF management fees


In a bid to offer its MPF members the most comprehensive investment options, so as to help them reach their different retirement goals, Manulife has announced that effective April 23, 2012, two new MPF funds — Manulife MPF Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund and Manulife MPF Pacific Asia Bond Fund will be added to the Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme, thus boosting its MPF fund platform to cover most of the available retirement investment spectrum. The two new funds, both designed for MPF members who hold a longer-term investment view, aim to cater for diverse investment appetites through different investment strategies.


Luzia Hung (Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Provident Funds Trust Company Limited) is joined by Chamber ED Andrew Work as Manulife launches two new funds to round out their already impressive MPF offerings.

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