CDN Gaming: Mass Effect 3 sells 3.5million in the first week

Alberta ain’t just oil.  The biggest video game release of the year is Canadian.

How big?  3.5 million copies in the first week.

From Technorati:

“Tuesday, March 6th marks the end of the Mass Effect trilogy that has seen the Sci-Fi genre of gaming reinvigorated. Seen as the modern day Star Wars (because let’s face it, the new trilogy of movies is NOT the modern day Star Wars.), the Mass Effect series has seen sales top over seven million since its debut in November 2007.

The hype for the finale of the trilogy has exploded to points of law breaking. Recently, EA and Bioware sent copies of Mass Effect 3 into orbit via weather balloons and had fans attempt to find those copies once they floated back to earth. One personal account reads that they had guns pointed at them by property owners threatening them to get off their land.”

How Canadian?

From the Edmonton Journal:

Conceived and shaped episodically off Calgary Trail at BioWare studios, Mass Effect isn’t connected to Edmonton by home-base status alone. Intentional use of local talent, including actors, musicians and programmers shines throughout the sci-fi games. The creative team in strange and beautiful ways references Canada — and Edmonton — in details of the future-invasion narrative. Area codes 780 and 403 appear as little winks. A set of armour comes from the Edmonton Blood Dragons combat team. Future-Vancouver is obliterated by machine-based aliens unleashing hell on our descendants.”

Martin Sheen, Michael (Worf) Dorn and other voice acted along with RCMP officers as police and local Edmonton band Faunts provided the soundtrack.

Cool.  Canadian


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