Census: Where are Hong Kong’s Canadians?

Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department is staffed by earnest and honest statisticians and data collectors and produces some of the most comprehensive statistics in Asia.

The census data purports to show separate breakdowns of the population both by Nationality and Ethnicity. Thus 93.2 percent of the population is deemed to be Chinese nationals. The largest groups of non-Chinese nationals are Indonesians and Filipinos (almost all domestic helpers on short-term contracts and limited rights) with 1.9 percent each followed by British, Indian, Pakistani, American, Australian, Nepalese, Thai and Japanese. “Other” nationalities account for 0.8 percent.

So where in this list are the Canadians? Beginning in 1987 with the realization that Hong Kong would be handed back to China in 1997, and lured by generous Canadian immigration policies, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents migrated to the North American country. For almost a decade, Hong Kong was the biggest source of migrants to Canada. Once they attained the Canadian passports that would protect them from any harm if the Chinese government proved inhospitable, they started to trickle back. Many of these “boomerang immigrants,” as they became known, eventually returned to the territory.

To read the full news story please click here.


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