Bloomberg Story Features CanCham Members Jason Boyer and Korn/ Ferry International !

The following Bloomberg story featuring CanCham members Jason Boyer and Korn/Ferry Int’l exemplifies the pursuit of talent by Chinese firms in today’s job market. They’re looking to bridge Chinese state capitalism and international markets by raising salaries and hiring headhunter in order to target veterans from established Wall Street Institutions. 

On May 26 last year, amid the gold lighting and $60 entrees at a restaurant in Hong Kong’s Central entertainment district, Jason Boyer confided to a friend that he was leaving Wall Street.

Instead of moving to a traditional rival, the head of Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s Hong Kong branch told colleague Didier Bensadoun he was joining a boutique bank backed by China. The venture’s government-owned partner in June marked the Communist Party’s 90th anniversary with employees singing “Revolutionists are Young Forever.”

“People were surprised I’d leave Cantor,” Boyer, 42, said in an interview. “This move is evolving with the world, it’s going to the next level.”

For the full article please click here.


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