Harper’s China Trip a Chance to Strengthen Growing Ties

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to China on Monday for one of his most important foreign missions this year, hoping to sew stronger economic ties with Canada’s second-largest trading partner and key market for future energy exports.


The trip comes at a critical time in the Sino-Canadian relationship: bilateral trade is growing exponentially; the Asian superpower’s Communist regime is slowly transitioning to new leadership; Canada has emerged as a strategic energy partner for China; and the Harper government is looking for the Chinese to improve their human rights record.

Harper is expected to hit at least three cities during his nearly week-long trade mission to China — his second official visit as prime minister — including the capital of Beijing, southern trade port of Guangzhou (near Hong Kong) and the southwestern hub of Chongqing.

To read the full article please follow the link: http://www.canada.com/business/Harper+China+trip+chance+strengthen+growing+ties+observers/6101161/story.html#ixzz1lc5YKwIS


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