New Members Announcement

Diamond Rock Investors


Justin Howard, Manager Director, Head of Structured Investment Products

Benjamin Sweetman, Head of Diamond Trading

Paul Ogden, Business Development Manager


DRI is the leading full-service diamond investment management company, specializing in certified investment grade loose polished diamonds. They service both institutional and private high net worth clients in Hong Kong and across the region.

Our team has decades of combined experience across the gem trading business and jewellery markets, as well as the global financial markets. Our diamond experts have speciality knowledge of the highest grade and rare diamonds as well as high volume wholesale and retail terminal markets. It is this knowledge alongside the investment mentality that has provided the bridge between the investment and diamond industries that lead to the development and launch of the 1s diamond investment and trading platform available.

This unique diamond investment platform is structured specifically for clients to benefit from the store of value that physical diamond ownership affords, as well as significant potential diamond trading profits available to a seasoned diamond trader.

Their diamond advisors work directly with clients to build a structured portfolio of highest-grade diamonds, and then provide a management service to trade their portfolios to unlock the profits from the multi-level pricing mechanism inherent in the jewellery industry.

Diamonds have attributes that are not available in other store of value investments, and the expertise of the DRI team has created access to profits for investors historically only available to industry experts.

Furthermore, their understanding and history in the financial markets assisted in the creation of a platform that has been accepted by institutional investors with the standard client asset protection and administration oversight found other regulated financial products.


Reorient Financial Markets Limited




Jason Jon Boyer, Vice Chairman

Brett Alexander, Chief Executive Officer

Bradford Ainslie, Head of Global Markets

Angelina Agnes Kwan, Chief Operation Officer



REORIENT Financial Markets Limited (formerly known as Mansion House Securities (F.E.) Limited) was established in Hong Kong in 1985 by HSBC, Hang Seng Bank and the Far East Bank. REORIENT is a wholly owned subsidiary of REORIENT Group Limited (HK376), a main board listed company on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

REORIENT is a global financial services group offering a full-range of services including institutional securities dealing/trading, high net worth and retail trading services, investment advisory, corporate finance advisory, restructuring and asset management services to global institutional, corporate and individual clients.

REORIENT offers a new model of capital raising and restructuring that is innovative, flexible, nimble and will use a variety of tools to provide value added advice to a select preferred group of client partners.

We are an investment / merchant bank with an alternative angle, one that can best cater for the needs of countries, new markets, corporations, and institutional investors.




Lesley Lewis, Founder

Culture3Counsel provides training and coaching services which help companies and individuals achieve a better understanding of culture and its effect on communication in business and personal settings. Our executive coaching services are goal oriented and align the client’s success factors with organizational goals. Counseling services include, individual, family, couples and adolescent therapy particularly with expatriates and in cross-cultural environments.










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