Hire Canadian Students from Vancouver’s University of British Columbia


Have you considered hiring a student from Canada to help with special projects or peak work periods?
This Fall, five students from Canada’s University of British Columbia’s Arts Co-op Program have traveled to Hong Kong to contribute their knowledge and skills to organizations such as Time Warner, Blue Umbrella, UBC Asia Pacific Regional Office, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

These students are among hundreds from UBC who go abroad each year for work terms in countries such as Singapore, Korea, Australia, Germany, and many more. It’s an invaluable opportunity for students to gain practical experience that complements their academic studies.

For employers, it’s a chance to increase their short-term capacity to complete special projects or to staff peak periods – all while accessing the fresh perspectives of a Canadian student.

Watch why employers hire from UBC Arts Co-op year after year.

How to Hire a Student
To learn more about what students can do for you and how to recruit from the UBC Arts Co-op Program, contact Heather Liau at heather.liau@ubc.ca or visit www.artscoop.ubc.ca.

Students from UBC’s Arts Co-op Program are available for 4 or 8 month paid work terms beginning in September, January and May each year.

UBC Arts Co-op students can help in areas like:

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Research & Analysis
  • Information Management
  • Database Design
  • Fundraising
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Technical Writing
  • Program Administration

The UBC Arts Co-op program consistently delivers the highest caliber students from one of Canada’s top universities. The program makes a substantial investment to prepare students for success in the workplace with the most rigorous student selection process and intensive pre-employment training in British Columbia.



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