HKGCC Roundtable Luncheon: The Impact of Rising Energy Costs on Hong Kong Businesses

The volatile global energy market continues to pose new challenges to businesses in Hong Kong, a city which is totally reliant on imported fuels. Market intelligence on energy prices and options available to users is therefore crucial for better business planning.

An international expert – Mr Joel R. Couse, Vice President, Market Analysis, Trading & Shipping Division of Total Oil Trading SA (TOTSA), will review the trends and outlook for global fuel markets. He will discuss energy supply in Asia and Hong Kong and strategies to take going forward.

Total is the world’s fifth largest oil and gas producer, with over 80 years of experience, operations in 130 countries and capabilities in all aspects of the petroleum industry. Its Trading and Shipping division is one of the most active players in the physical, futures and derivatives markets for oil. In 2010, HSBC entered into an alliance with Total Oil Trading SA forming a Strategic Energy Solutions team within HSBC Global Banking. This team works with HSBC’s clients in sourcing, hedging and financing key commodities and oil products.

For full details and registration please click here.


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