Seminar Invitation from Elite Capital Solutions!

Come and join our fun and innovative lifestyle seminar with experts giving you the best advice on relaxation and stress reduction & management.  Learn how to relax yourself and your partner with two simple exercises.  Know the secrets of Mind Fitness – we will show you how to boost your personal power and effective performance particularly in stressful circumstances.  Enjoy our special healthy tea tasting in a relaxing environment.  REGISTER TODAY and relax with us at Club Elite. 

The seminar covers:

Self-massage – how to relieve tension and stress in your neck, shoulders and arms

Stretching – the key to happy healthy muscles. Sitting at a desk all day can cause muscle tightness and tension in the neck, shoulders and  back and thispain only adds to our stress levels.

Relaxation and stress reduction – how to keep your mind clear and focused

Introduction to Mind Fitness – The method is often deliberately or intuitively used by the very best performers in the world, whether in sport or business.  We will guide you to our unique process, Learned Powerfulness®, which is proven to be scientifically sound, business focused, practical and sustainable.



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