Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action – Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2011


Would you like to receive part of HK$1,000,000 while helping to improve roadside air quality in Hong Kong?  Well last year the corporations who participated in the 2010 Take a “Brake” Scheme did exactly that. Through adopting Green Driving methods participants averaged a 12.5% fuel reduction which saved them 65,000 litres of fuel in just one month. As well as reducing harmful vehicular emissions from the air their actions resulted in 177 tonnes of CO2 being kept out of our atmosphere. If you wish to help cut down roadside air pollution and combat climate change, you and your corporations are invited to take part in Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action, which is co-organized by Friends of the Earth (HK) (www.foe.org.hk).  Visit their website for details about the 2011 Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme and read the full invitation at http://www.foe.org.hk/takeabrake/Invitation_to_participate_in_Take_a_Brake_20…



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