Sonia Samtani Consulting: Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnosis Level 1

We are increasingly becoming aware of the impact that our mind, thoughts and beliefs have on our life. For example, if you constantly say and think you are helpless, you will be.  If you constantly say and think that you are confident and strong, you will be.  We are creators of our own reality without realizing it.

 This workshop will:

  • Give you a thorough understanding of the functioning of the mind as postulated by Dr. John Kappas.
  • Empower you to discern repeated patterns of behaviour in your life.
  • Enable you to access the subconscious mind to resolve basic behavioural and emotional issues through the use of suggestions for yourself and others.
  • Enhance your communication by understanding the ‘Theory of Suggestability’ – a system that distinguishes the way that people receive and deliver information.
  • Teach you self-hypnosis techniques. 
  • Answer questions about life such as ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘Why do I keep attracting the same situations?’


After this programme participants will realise that manifesting the best for themselves and making life work for them is a reality within their reach.




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