Insurance: Manulife Celebrates 75 Years of Pensions in Hong Kong

Manulife (International) Limited is celebrating its remarkable 75 years of managing Hong Kong people’s pensions today. The company is now the second largest MPF service provider in the territory, committed to providing retirement solutions that meet customers’ needs.  

  • Inter-university competition to spur fresh thinking 
  • Helena Law Lan as promotion ambassador 

Photo caption one: Michael Huddart and Luzia Hung at the officiating ceremony for Manulife Hong Kong pension service 75th anniversary.

Photo caption two: Michael Huddart (fourth from right), Luzia Hung (third from right), Promotion Ambassador Helena Law Lan (fifth from right) and management team of Manulife’s Employee Benefits giving a toast to celebrate Manulife Hong Kong pension service 75th anniversary.


Manulife has entered the group pension market in Hong Kong since 1936. As at the end of March 2011, the company boasted more than 1.1 million pension accounts and managed record-high assets of close to HK$75 billion*. 

“We are very proud of our long pension heritage and this combined with Manulife’s financial strength has made us an obvious choice for millions of Hong Kong people as they allow us to take care of their retirement investments,” said Michael Huddart, Manulife’s Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer in Hong Kong. “We are delighted to see that Manulife is regarded as a reliable, trusted retirement partner by the people of Hong Kong.”

Mr. Huddart added: “As a forward-thinking company, we are always at the forefront when it comes to providing products and services that answer customers’ needs. We will continue to strengthen our personalized services delivered by our professional advisors, and boost our product platform to help our customers achieve a worry-free retirement.”

Inter-university competition to spur fresh thinking 

As one of the leading pension-services providers in Hong Kong, Manulife goes to great lengths to promote the importance of retirement planning. The company has recently launched a university-student competition entitled “Manulife Inter-University Competition: Retirement Solutions for Hong Kong People in face of the Aging Population Issue”. The contest will be an inspiring way of encouraging the younger generation to take a more active role in becoming prepared for their own retirement-planning process.

“At Manulife, we believe that planning ahead is very important,” said Ms. Luzia Hung, Vice President of Employee Benefits, Manulife (International) Limited. “Young people should know how crucial it is to begin preparing as early as possible for the years when they have to stop working. That day may seem a long way off to them now, but it is never too soon to make a start on saving for it.”

The competition is now open for registration. “It will encourage these young minds to gain a better understanding of what Hong Kong people want for their retirement lives, and help them think about how they should plan and prepare for it,” added Ms. Hung. 

The registration deadline is September 23, 2011, and interested teams of students can visit for details. Cash prizes of HK$75,000, HK$25,000 and HK$15,000 will be awarded to the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up, respectively. Manulife will also donate HK$75,000 to the winning-team’s university. Results will be announced at the end of November this year.

Helena Law Lan as promotion ambassador 

Hong Kong people need to take early and pro-active steps to plan for their retirement. With the aim of highlighting this message in this special anniversary year, Manulife has invited Ms Helena Law Lan to be its ambassador in a series of promotional activities.

The popular actress is celebrating her 75th birthday concurrently with Manulife’s milestone achievement of having managed Hong Kong people’s pensions for 75 years. She will take part in the celebratory events this year to help promote awareness of early retirement-planning. 

Ms. Hung said: “Helena’s image as a professional actress is well-known in the community. She serves as a good example to encourage fellow Hongkongers to take their retirement planning seriously and begin it early so that they end up as happy as Helena in her golden years.”

Helena Law Lan commented: “I am very pleased to take up this meaningful role with Manulife. Hong Kong is facing a serious aging-population issue and people really need to look into their needs and start planning young for adequate reserves to support their retirement.”

*As at March 31, 2011, pension assets under management reached HK$74.8 billion.



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