CanCham Welcomes New Members!

Voli Consulting


Founding Director Ms MaryAnn Voli

Managing, inspiring and motivating people is a complex, challenging yet richly rewarding role. Not only that, the role as a leader who is able to motivate his/her staff is critical for the success of teams and organizations, as well as of society.

We are not all born with the skills and/or awareness to manage people in the best and most effective way, so often times coaching and/or training can support us acquire the skills, security, and awareness to manage people in order to motivate them and ensure an engaged and performing team.

Through Executive Coaching and leadership training, Voli Consulting supports visionary leaders and managers who understand the importance of motivation and effective staff management for top performance.

Contact Voli Consulting to learn more and take advantage of a FREE TRIAL SESSION. Tel: + (852) 6252 4724


Maroon Ventures Ltd



Principal Barry Jones

Maroon is an international advisory firm with offices in Singapore, Chicago, Barcelona and now Hong Kong following the relocation of co-founder Barry Jones to develop the Greater China market.  Maroon consultants are highly experienced and hold relevant, globally recognised financial and business qualifications. They are skilled in nurturing growth companies and well versed in the mechanics of scaling the finance function.

Maroon Hong Kong will focus on providing services to the SME segment services around the MyCFO product line.   MyCFO provides small and medium enterprises with a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of a CFO, and gain access to a Qualified Accountant, Investment Banker and Strategy Consultant rolled into one.   The MyCFO business model is built around long-term partnerships and a unique fee structure.  We minimize your cash outlays through equity participation and align our success with yours.  We only win if you win. 


Locasian 3


Managing Director Carmen Ros

Locasian 3 is a boutique property search agency which offers an individual, specialized service to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

In Hong Kong, we liaise with an extensive range of agencies to access the greatest number of properties.   This maximizes your chances of finding the ideal investment or home.  We act primarily as the buyer’s advocate and conduct an indepth needs analysis, then shortlist properties before presenting them to clients. 

Locasian 3 offers a comprehensive service including: property search (rental or purchase), relocation services, furnishing services, renovation with top designers, home staging, tenancy management and ongoing care.  We also advise and assist overseas investors in purchasing investment properties in HK.

Locasian 3 offers a bespoke service and has a commitment to sourcing properties tailored to our clients’ needs.  Our mission is to make it as effortless as possible for the client.


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