CanCham Welcomes New Members!

The Henley Group


The Henley Group is privately owned and one of the largest groups of independent financial advisers in Asia – certainly one of the largest specializing in advising expatriates. We have been operating in Hong Kong and Singapore for almost 20 years with a business model based on referrals from satisfied clients. We are committed to creating and enhancing the wealth of our clients and to being recognized as the expatriate adviser of choice in all the markets in which we operate.

Our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. They are rigorously trained to provide the highest standard of service and advice in the market. This allows us to ensure that our clients receive professional and impartial advice specifically tailored to their individual needs. We advise over a broad range of services and have excellent contacts with most of the world class financial institutions. We cover the whole spectrum of financial planning and wealth advisory services, including:

– Investment and portfolio advice
– Pensions and retirement planning
– School fees planning
– Protection
– Tax planning
– Inheritance tax mitigation and trusts
– Mortgages and property search

The Henley Group dedicates considerable resources to ongoing research of the markets. Our team of expert investment specialists (the Henley Investment Team) provides detailed investment research and market analysis to ensure our clients are at all times provided with optimal asset allocation advice and portfolio analysis.


Wordwright Hong Kong Limited


President Mr Paul Matalucci, ABC

Wordwright Hong Kong Limited is an award-winning, international consulting agency that specializes in employee communications. Our expertise in training and strategic planning has been successfully used to engage and retain highly skilled workers at large companies.

 Companies that invest in employee communications see higher engagement scores, higher productivity, and a higher return to shareholders. When employees receive clear and compelling communications they are more likely to understand and support the company′s vision, mission, and strategy, and feel confident in the company′s leadership and direction.

Our clients include the world′s most respected companies in biopharmaceuticals, computing, finance/insurance, networking, telecommunications, retail apparel, and others.

A selection of our services include:
– Merger & acquisition communications (from pre-announcement through integration)
– Change management communications for major org and technology transitions
– Reduction-in-force (layoff) communications
– Communications audit, assessment
– Establishment of communications department/function
– Content development for existing channels (i.e., newsletters, intranets, etc.)


Kawada Industries, Inc.


 General Manger Mr Sean Johnstone

“Serving society through technology,” has been Kawada’s mission since its inception in 1922. Our mission has been accomplished through technological innovations in a vast range of operations, including projects involving transportation, energy, and information, all basic necessities of society. Our bridges, for example, continue to be the world standard, and our buildings and city structures provide the infrastructure for an ever-changing, mobile society.

We takeexceptional pride in our ability to contribute to the realisation of projects of historical interest. These projects not only benefit society, but also provide our workforce with vibrant, self-fulfilling work.

Kawada is committed to continue to challenge the limits in cutting-edge technology to provide the urban infrastructure that people need to lead healthy and comfortable lives.


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