Food & Beverage: Canadian Food Exhibition for Trade Buyers

For business buyers only.  Bag-filling grannies need not apply.


Monday March 21st ,  14:00 – 18:00  
 Over 100 Canadian products and unique business opportunities for trade


The Canadian Premium Food and Beverage Day, organized by the Consulate General of Canada, will showcase a wide range of Canadian products from 26 importers and suppliers. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience natural, healthy and high quality Canadian food and beverages. Over 100 types of Canadian products will be featured including beef, pork, veal, icewine, snow crab, beef tongue, flaxseed, confectionary, ice cream, hemp protein powder, cereals, and . . . much more!

This event will be Hong Kong’s most comprehensive showcase of Canadian food and beverage, providing a unique networking opportunity for trade professionals from the catering, grocery and wine industries.

We cordially invite you to join us at the Canadian Premium Food and Beverage Day, and experience the flavour of quality natural Canadian foods.



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