Restaurants: New York Fries launches new Poutine variations for Hong Kong

Poutine experimentation hit new heights in Montreal with foie gras poutine at Au Pied de Cochon.

Thomas Lau, the Canadian entrepreneur behind NYF in Hong Kong launching some innovations of his own for the Hong Kong market.

He sent me a personal note:

” “Black Pepper Beef Fries” and “Tandoori Chicken Fries”. Both these meals are originally created for the Hong Kong market, we belive that while these two favors are familiar with the local market, serving in fries will be another exciting experience for our customers.

These two new meals provide a natural extension to the New York Fries concept of topping our fresh cut fries with high quality sauces.  They create a new meal segment for the brand. By offering protein, and in the Black Pepper Beef Fries sauce, vegetables as well, these dishes satisfy the complete lunch and dinner meal occasion.

The new meals are available at all three locations today – Harbour City, Langham Place, and The Peak Galleria.

Come down and have a feast and let me know how you like them!”

Thomas, I intend to!



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