CanCham Welcomes New Members!

Team Building Asia
Mr. Stuart Harris, Director 



Team Building Asia was established in 2002 with a vision to become the bespoke team building solutions provider in Asia Pacific. We are one of the few team building solutions providers in town which provides such a rich diversity in its programmes.

Over the years Team Building Asia has built a large blue-chip client record, working with over 150 clients in more than 20 different industries – each with their own unique human capital management issues – delivering tangible results.

For the past 8 years, we have been offering a wide variety of innovative, inspiring programmes, which boost workplace cohesion, rekindle the spirit of teamwork and overcome cultural differences in multi-national teams. The programmes are aimed at helping our clients to optimize their teams’ potential, which results in a direct positive impact on their bottom line.

Click here to visit Team Building Asia on our website

Globalink Consultants
Mr. Ian Kendrick, Commercial Associate


Globalink Consultants Co., Ltd. is a sourcing management services company. They are planning to target two separate groups of clients:

International Buyers:
Be they total newcomers to the Far East buying scene or already trading through a regional agent. Even if they are operating their own buying office. Globalink aims to provide advice and support based on decades of management experience in major HK based sourcing offices to help guide their clients towards improved efficiency and increased business. 

China Suppliers: 

When it comes to supplying  major western retailers there are some very stringent requirements needed before any manufacturer can gain approved vendor status. who better to advise you than a team of people who have spent  the better part of the last 20 years bringing Asian suppliers to a point where they can be introduced to Buyers from one of Europe’s major retail groups.

Ian is joined by Cliff Harkins as Financial Associate and T.C. Wong as Technical Associate . If you think they might be able to offer you the type of management services support you are looking for you can obtain more information from their website at: or you can contact them via email at:

Click here to visit Globalink on our website

AsiaMin Consulting
Mr. Derek KY Chan, Managing Director

AsiaMin Consulting (AMC) envisages that the Asian region is continuing to develop to be the key driver for the world’s economy over the next two decades. Given its huge population and young labour, the demand of scarce natural resources by the Asian countries will become unparalleled. Our vision is to develop a strong position as the distinguished consultancy for the mining industry in the region and to assist partners to transform business concepts into viable commercial concerns for a sustainable development and community.

AMC is a Hong Kong-based consulting company founded in 2008 to address the enormous demand of natural resources by the Asian countries. Maintaining a very strong and direct relationship with our mining, exploration and funding partners, we provide a range of professional integrated services:


* Advisory services of exploration programs and project economic evaluation

* Prime mineral and energy projects identification for investors
* Capital identification for mineral and energy projects
* Commodities brokering and sourcing for buyers and sellers

Click here to visit AsiaMin on our website


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