The Honourable Jason Kenney Visits The Chamber

On September 13th, The Honourable Jason Kenney visited The Chamber.  He delivered a message about Canada’s efforts to strengthen our borders, improve our ability to retain graduates of Canadian universities and clarify changes forthcoming in Canada’s immigrant investor program.

One of his interesting points was that Canada, alone among developed nations, had actually increased immigration quotas during the financial crisis.  This was a testament not only to the government’s commitment to developing Canada’s human capital, but also Canadian citizen’s understanding of the contribution new Canadians make to our  economy, our culture and our awesome Canadianess!

The Chamber for its part delivered a forceful message about Canadians abroad and the value we bring to Canada.  Accordingly, our concerns about changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act concerning our children born abroad were raised, along with The Chamber’s recommendations on that front.  We believe our suggestion allows committed Canadians born abroad to be full Canadians while avoiding the pitfalls of awarding citizenship to those with no material (or spiritual) ties to Canada.

You can see the pictures and The Chamber’s position paper here!




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